Musang in Mu’s family is really used to compliments. When Qin Mu Ye’s words of encouragement and bewitch really made Musang feel that his self-confidence was a little bit higher, but he didn’t swell up very much. He was not stupid. If he wants to win the position of Mu’s family, he will have to become him.

June 16, 2024

"Psst ~ brother, this remark made me feel overwhelmed." Musang felt that this man was really unlucky in front of him, but he was caught as a scapegoat, but it was also something.
Then it said, "It’s not easy to do now."
"I want to get rid of that Fan Hua first!"
This is a powerful statement that makes Qin Mu Ye suspect that this body will not be a mocking module in the aura of Fan Hua’s protagonist.
I don’t think so. I haven’t met anything like this along the way
"If you are ambitious, I will take a pot of wine to celebrate Daoyou’s success. Daoyou can’t dislike my muddy wine then." Qin Mu Ye encouraged him.
"If the celebration wine is even turbid, it is more fragrant than that fine wine." Hearing Qin Mu Ye’s words, Musang felt that Qin Mu Ye was a sincere person.
It is Qin Mu Ye who thinks that he seems to have cheated Musang. How is it possible to get something done with a little chicken blood and a little confidence?
It is more likely that they were pressed before they went out to show their ambitions.
But if it’s really done, it’s not Qin Mu Ye. He didn’t do it. He just had some trivial opinions around him
Two people chat hot Qin Mu Ye is also a lot of damage to package tall and twisted a variety of fallacies.
These means make Musang have a boiling passion. I didn’t think there was such a special trick.
When talking about the heart, Wang Kui rushed over with a sweat. Before he went to tell Mrs. Mu about this issue, he found that Mrs. Mu looked more and more dignified.
Then I knew that Qin Mu Ye tricked Musang into letting him go. That’s all. He also taught a lot of bad tricks. If it comes out, it will really happen.
It doesn’t let him quickly come to the rescue. If he is fooled by Qin Mu Ye again, he will really be fooled and lame.
"Mr. and Mrs. called Master Sang to ask questions. If you want to talk again, it’s better to wait for the day," said Wang Kuikou.
On the other hand, it’s like meeting a confidant, Musang, and it’s like being hit by some kind of huge blow.
"Madam has something to do, then I can’t force Master Sang to continue chatting. Please," said Qin Mu Ye.
"Master Sang, please come this way." Wang Kui didn’t feel too much when he said this to Musang. He seemed very disappointed with Musang.
Chapter 774 Dark robbery resources office missing
Moussan left, and the whole person looked like he had lost his soul.
I came here to find trouble with Qin Mu Ye, but I didn’t expect to be fooled by Qin Mu Ye. He couldn’t believe what he believed in the other party’s funny scapegoat lies.
Wang Kui is also very embarrassed about this. In the final analysis, it is still that their Mu family is not right. After all, Musang’s aggressive appearance, Qin Mu Ye, is a simple fool, and he is afraid to continue to die.
Qin Mu Ye is the so-called, but he thinks Musang is a scourge, so let Mrs. Musang get rid of it quickly
This a Wang Kui face all black also Qin Mu Ye discontent to start work pit dead this musang?
Real Moussang is still very active at ordinary times, and he is not so easily confused as Qin Mu Ye, mainly because the aura of Qin Mu Ye’s protagonist has taken effect.
Finally, Wang Kui can stabilize Qin Mu Ye for the time being, and then try to find a way. He always thinks that Qin Mu Ye is similar to a smiling tiger and looks funny. He didn’t hesitate at all and caught a breakthrough when he didn’t see it.
"What? Something was robbed? " Mrs. Mu’s face changed a lot in Cheren tone.
This reminds her of Qin Mu Ye’s fooling her son Musang yesterday, and something happened to her hind feet.
The normal situation does not doubt Qin Mu Ye’s body, but the problem is that in their eyes, Qin Mu Ye belongs to the causal way, and the probability is that a certain situation has already laid the foundation and is ready to explode at any time.
So this had to make her think that it might be written by Qin Mu Ye.
"Wang Lao, what do you think?" Mrs. Mu looked at Wang Kui who was familiar with Qin Mu Ye and asked.
Wang Kui, on the other hand, is a tingle. It’s still to be seen what he can do.
"Madam, you can ask Mr. Qin …" Wang Kui said with a grind.
"…" Mrs. Mu has said that the other party is ready to cheat you. Why don’t you ask the other party what’s wrong with it?
"Well, I’ll leave this matter to Wang, and it will be solved." Mrs. Mu was confident in Wang Kui, but she also gave it to him.
She guessed that the other party either wanted to keep Mu’s home for a long time, so the best way to do it was to send people away quickly and make things worse.