After all, he may be at the bottom of the list one-on-one

June 17, 2024

One dozen four?
If it is true, it will be a tragedy.
As the saying goes, it was only ten years old, and I was like a minion next to me. Seeing this scene, I couldn’t help secretly making up my mind that I must find the field one by one in the future!
Yu Xian?
What if the world slanders me, deceives me, humiliates me, laughs at me, belittles me, belittles me, hates me and cheats me?
Is to put up with him, let him, let him, avoid him, endure him, respect him, ignore him, stay a few years and see him!
After such self-consolation, the evil woman decided to put up with it for the time being.
Just wait for the other four chaotic gods to leave
Look at the pantheon, where the number is nearly half less. The Adaling devils can’t help but show a rather ferocious smile to them.
Directly make them feel the sincere aversion to cold one by one!
Soon they were angry and evil, and they showed their special hobbies.
The specific scene is not suitable for description
Generally speaking, it’s probably a super horror movie level to engage in pornography
Those who hear it are sad and those who see it are crying.
Tragedy is the best word!
And that tragic scene lasted for several days.
The Pantheon is no different from the grotto when it leaves. It’s even more grotto than the grotto …
After solving the Adaling evil spirits,
Soon, the evil deeds came again, and one by one, they made trouble with the Adaling God.
First of all, he discovered that several righteous gods were missing.
For example, Elsa, the goddess of life, Kane, the god of war …
Even he can’t find traces of each other.
I don’t think much about the evil women. They must have been fished away by four other animals.
So he went directly to Asuyan, the king of God.
And aware of each other is close to yourself.
I have seen some timelines. How did Asu immediately look a little sad? I looked at my wife next to me, and then I smiled at him and said, "Xi Le Gao."
"You should go.
We are going to meet our destiny.
And you will undertake the mission of protecting the last lucky Adaling … "
Chapter 52 【 Fear Eye 】
In the face of [ASUYan] dissuade.
【 Laughing God-Silegao 】 After in-situ thinking for a while.
Look some humbled looked at the distance.
There he could feel a great threat approaching quickly!
He can tell that once he encounters something positive.
There will be no ending except death.
Finally, in the face of both of them, he was able to tear himself into the sub-network road and go to a place called the Black Library.
He has hidden a lot of knowledge and materials there since he realized something was wrong in his early years.
And the creator there, where he can receive blessings to some extent.
In this case, plus the self-isolation ability of the Asian Network Road, even that terrible opponent, he is confident to hide in the past …
Looking at 【 Laughing God-Silegao 】, the figure 【 Ashu Yan 】 slowly sighed and said to his wife 【 Heya 】 with a look full of apologies.
"Sorry to drag you down."
If he were other gods instead of Adaling, the God of Heaven might still have a chance to escape.
But things are obviously not if.
There are many Adaling clans who are gods and kings.
When Chaos God-Serenity was successfully born, he had a special connection.
This kind of situation [ASU Yan] will be found even if it escapes to the ends of the earth and the other side of the Milky Way.
So he can only go head-on against this road.
Smell speech "heya" is gently shook his head look gentle replied.
"Nothing. Kane should have suffered misfortune anyway. Let’s die together with the glory of Adaling gods …"
Being the goddess of the Adaling clan [Heya] is not the wife of [Asuyan] but the [King of God-Asuyan] [God of War-Kane]. This pair of double god is destined to be partners together.
When two husbands are dying or already dead.
She can clearly feel that she will be doomed to die.
With that, Heya’s body melted into his body in front of Asuan.
This is all the support that Heya can give …
Since the complete fall of the Adaling clan, the strength of the God King [Asuyan] has inevitably gone to a weak state.
Now, with [Heya] giving him his own strength.
[Ashu Yan] Strength is not restored to its peak, even stronger than at that time!
However, feeling all this, his look can flash a trace of sadness.
After shaking his hand, he looked into the distance.
Where a beautiful figure has come out of Asia into the physical universe.
Because "Chaos God" is too big, and "Color Evil" can’t squeeze in, it’s a double body.
After he had a physical activity, he was a little unhappy and muttered, "What a hindrance …"
Even if it comes to a busy entity, the suppression of the universe is still great.
After talking to himself, he looked at 【 ASUYan 】 and commented in a slightly mocking tone.
"You should be a little smarter than those idiots who try to hide from Asia."
If Ari is the deity of Adaling [Ashuyan], he will certainly receive some blessings from Ari, but he will also directly face the [evil] in the victory stage.
In that case, no matter what preparations he makes, there will be no second result except being killed by seconds!
Only the physical universe, a very special place, is also limited in strength [Asuyan] to have a chance to struggle slightly.
Say that finish 】 【 color nie also gently sniffed 【 ASU how 】 to delicious look very happy and said.
"Although two prey have become one prey, it seems to be more delicious ~"
Whether it is expression or language, it is a look that does not pay attention to 【 ASU Yan 】.
Faced with this situation
Knowing that you are sad, this [ASU Yan] is not much to say.
Is slowly pulled out his waist sword in silence.