Boss Li’s lying body didn’t leave a trace of blood, and even the body that was split in half gradually disappeared into an aura flowing in the air.

June 18, 2024

Not far from Luo Badao, a small ant crawled, its tentacles shook and swayed, and it was triumphant.
Suddenly, Luo Badao felt a series of distortions in the surrounding aura.
A previously shattered fairy sword reappears on the battlefield. Colorful fairy light shines with Luo Badao tiger eyes.
Boss Li strangely reappears his hands quickly with a printed face and a light drink in his mouth, "Tie the ground tightly!" With the completion of printing, the reappearance of 200 fairy swords disappears again, and a hidden array has been arranged.
Luo Badao felt that the circulation of reiki was not smooth in an instant, and even his body became heavier than holding a monty-turned-blood sword and a big knife to fall hard to get rid of that embarrassment.
At the same time, Boss Li finally deceives himself with a meteor sword in his hand.
Jianfeng clank Luo Badao can see that his opponent’s fairy handle is aimed at his heart and is suppressed. Even if his strong flesh is hard to resist this blow, it is very likely that he will be stabbed with a big hole.
The feeling be nasty Luo Badao suddenly stamped his foot to stabilize the tiger body and the earth shook for three points.
“!” Luo Badao’s face turned purple, and he tried his best to solve the magic knife of monty’s blood.
Flame suddenly and violently long distance Luo Badao hand which is a knife? That’s a dragon, a fiery dragon, and a nine-rank fairy beast!
The dragon head screamed in a violent way, and then the boss Li Da, who came to the gallop and killed himself, swept past.
Luo Badao can even imagine the dismemberment of his opponent’s monty blood knife.
As he expected, it is impossible for Boss Li to resist this blow. Since it has turned a corner, it will not help. This conjures up a fire dragon body with a big mouth, which has blocked Li Chengzhu’s offensive and retreat routes.
Luo Badao saw a strange smile hanging from his opponent’s mouth.
Fuck his mother again when Luo Badao scolded a nasty back monty blood magic knife unreal out of the dragon.
Before he could move, Luo Badao felt a chill behind him, and the feeling of approaching death made him tremble.
Hurriedly, a sideways shoulder hurts and then there is a feeling of blood flowing out.
Want to also don’t want to cross a backhand in the past by the opponent xianjian pierced the shoulder to reveal a long tip.
Boss Li snorted, and Luo Badao’s hands were as powerful as vises, so that he couldn’t move his roots and stabbed his opponent’s shoulder. If he wanted to take it, he had to give up and break off Luo Badao and hug his big hand.
"Bang" one or two people stumble and fall at the same time.
Meteor sword was hit by the ground and once again went into Luo Badao tiger’s body to explore a piece of Luo Badao’s teeth, holding back the pain, and took the opportunity to fixedly hoop Boss Li’s hands.
Not to be outdone, Li Chengzhu clamped his opponent’s head with his feet so that he could not move.
There was a strange scene in the battlefield. The flame of the magical sword gradually subsided without the owner’s continuous input of reiki. It also had no power to churn again. Boss Li’s hands were tied and could not control the meteor sword. After the meteor sword was damaged, Li Chengzhu dared not release himself again. He could put an element in two places to control Nai. Just now, both places were lost, and now the meteor sword is a dead thing.
Now that the two masters have lost their image, they have become gangsters fighting and being limited to deal with each other by brute force.
Boss Li heard a bang from his wrist, and his feet slammed hard, making Luo Badao keep rolling his eyes.
Luo Badao how willing to throw in the towel, relying on their formal strengths raised his head and slammed into it?
"Fuck!" Boss Li feels that his soul is suddenly out of body experience. Luo Badao’s hard head is just lying with his penis. How can people stand this bump?
For the first time, Li Chengzhu’s tearful eyes envied those martial arts experts who practiced the magical power of shrinking Yang in the movie.
Feet again force Li Chengzhu heard Luo Badao throat goo goo goo.
Bad and extremely bad beauty granduncle wiped the cold sweat and embarrassed face.
Cheng Liuhong coughed and glanced at Zhou Qingxuan weakly in a coma. "Can we divide them?" At the same time, I am crying in my heart. I wonder if I will cut off my grandson if I bump into the new patriarch again? The impact was muffled and even Liuhong felt pain for the new patriarch.
Beauty granduncle shook his head and pushed Zhou Qingxuan into Liu Hongshen, and a teleport came to the entanglement of the two.